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mexicano tendrÁ un nuevo presidente, y hoy enrique peÑa nieto se reuniÓ en washington con barack obama para discutir la reforma migratoria prometida por el mandatario estadounidense. el encuentro duro poco mÁs de una hora se hizo en la sala o balance y bilma tiene los detalles. >>> la primera visita de enrique peÑa nieto al presidente obama un encuentro para darse la mano y dmen zar a calentar motores para m prÓximo encuentro entrar en materia y comenzar a discutir temas que interesan a los 2 paÍses. la pregunta obligado es como manejara la lucha contra el narcotrÁfico cuando en estados unidos se acaba de legalizar la marihuana, en washington y colorado. >>> esto fue lo que respondiÓ a la cadena en. cnn no estoy por la legalizaciÓn de las drogas y no lo estoy porque no es solo legalizar la marihuana es la puerta que eventualmente. sectores de la poblaciÓn lleguen al consumo de drogas mucho mÁs daÑinas. >>> perra nieto rengo no zoi que la legislaciÓn de las marihuana en 2 estado norteamericanos obliga a revisar la estrategia en la luf contra las drogas. en esta guerra. podrÁ llev
: senate minority leader mitch mcconnell blasting president obama for leaving washington during a crisis, but the president's not the only one taking his fiscal cliff show on the road. house republicans are also planning to tour the country taking their message to small businesses. so why isn't anyone staying in washington to get the job done? joining us our political panel, rick klein, bob kousa and byron york. byron, where is everybody? >> we don't want to be around the table, trying to hammer something out. i kind of agree with senator mcconnell that the president is going to do a bunch of talking points, go up to pennsylvania, and i think go to the manufacturer of tinker toys. so it should be a nice photo op and everything, but won't get anything done. also the president campaigned on a platform of raising taxes. that's kind of unusual that he did it, and he won. so he already has a victory to say, look -- >> greta: he has a victory, but we still have a fiscal cliff problem. he may have his political victory, but we still have the problem. >> yeah, we do, but congress has a nasty hab
obama will try to build support when he meets with middle class americans here in washington today. he will ask them how the "fiscal cliff" could impact their lives. on tuesday, he invited small business owners into the oval as of to offer their ideas. >> they had one message for the president at the oval office, they need certainty. please get this deal done as soon as possible. >> reporter: but spend anytime on capitol hill and it's easy to see a deal isn't forthcoming soon. >> there's been little progress with the republicans, which is a disappointment to me. >> their hard left doesn't want to change anything ever. they think any dollars spent or any commitment made by the federal government on any program at any time ought to be there in perpetuity. >> we are not going to accept an unfair deal that hurts middle class america today and protects the wealthiest americans. >> reporter: the president and congressional leaders have no talks scheduled for this week. susan mcginnis, cbs 5, washington. >>> president obama will continue his push for public support this week. he is set to mee
. >> yeah, but remember that president obama said you can't change washington from the inside, so i guess he has to go outside. in all honesty, they've been discussing these issues. they could get a deal in two or three days. these are not issues. it's political will. it's convincing members. this will be one of the toughest votes we've seen in decades, whenever some deal comes to the house and senate floors. >> greta: how about the debt ceiling? >> that's brought back into this. we'll do it again in the spring. democrats say it has to be part of the negotiatek now, because we don't want to go back to all of this again. >> greta: we hit the debt ceiling at the end of december when they're home, so they want to do it now so they don't have to come back at the end of the year. >> it's a different dynamic, republicans are willing to play more around the debt ceiling. that's one reasons the democrats want to take care of it now. republicans would rather leave that for later. >> the story is going to be, i think, it's going to shift a little bit from republicans trying to make their way toward mo
there as top ceos head there to discuss how to fix our nation's staggering debt with president obama. >> chief washington correspondent john harwood is also there. what is the president hoping to get from this meeting? >> what he's hoping to get is some air cover for the decision that he wants republicans to make and democrats for what he calls a fair and balanced plan. the ceos have sway not only because of their campaign donations but because of their role as stewards of the nation's economy, the nation's private sector. they want to avoid the fiscal cliff. so he says, help me with the politics. that's one of the reasons why we're here. it's an inside and outside game. the president spoke earlier today with middle class families to say we have to protect them from tax increases. just a few moments ago, the president had a cabinet meeting and reiterated that a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff is necessary to sustain this recovery. here's the president. >> there is no reason why taxes on middle class families should go up. it would be bad for the economy. it would be bad for those families. in f
obama says quote-too import for washington to screw this up about what they do? bill harris, the ceo of into it and paypal tells us how to protect yourself before the year ends. liz: the ceo and president of the national federation of independent business, read smaller business. his pleas to congress to lower tax rates on business income, you hear about the big ceo writing letters to congress and the president, his group wrote a letter and are ready to make noise. we will tell you what drove the market in today's data download. stocks rebounded after falling triple digits in the first hour of trade, hints of a potential debt deal end, more quantitative easing, pushed all the way into the green. the wall street journal about 21 minutes ago running a story about the federal reserve, q e 4 will be announced december 12th. the dow, andy and nasdaq end trading day near session highs. all ten sectors higher for the first time in two months. consumer discretionary and energy were the top performers. you helped crude oil falling for the third straight day dropping to its lowest level in a we
to help her field questions. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> president obama is turning up the pressure on republicans to avoid the "fiscal cliff." the president talked to small business owners at the white house today and he made his case to extend tax cuts for the middle class and allow bush-era tax cuts to expire for the wealthiest americans. republicans say raising taxes on top earners would hurt small businesses and cost jobs. >> we need to sit down and work this matter out. i think we have a clear sense that there's an opportunity her at the end of the year to do something important for the country. >> he has not waited for people to start smelling the jet fumes at national airport. he put forward a plan. >> if congress doesn't compromise the company will plunge into recession. >>> investigators have taken samples from the remains of long-time palestinian leader yasser arafat. eight years after his death, they are trying to determine if he was poisoned. rita nissan on a search for evidence. >> reporter: palestinian leaders laid wreaths outside the west bank grave of y
.s. ceos heading to washington give obama some advice on avoiding the fiscal cliff. european equities in the red as fears over the edge of the cliff loom larger. and concerns about a default in argentina as fitch slashes the country's sovereign rating by five notches. >>> ahead on the show, the powerball lottery hits a record half a billion dollars. just what are the actual chance of winning? stay tuned to find out. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. s is the pursuit of perfection. >>> welcome back to the program. u.s. futures were poised to open a few points lower and that is still the case. dow looking to shed a few points. this follows a loss of larger magnitude yesterday. it comes as president obama will continue to push. eamonn has more on the fight from capitol hill. >> if there was any question that the market is hanging on every word of this fiscal cliff debate here in washington, it
: president obama will try to build more support when he meets with middle class americans here in washington today. he'll ask them how the fiscal cliff could impact their lives. on tuesday he invited small business owners into the oval office to offer their ideas. >> they had one message for the president which is they need certainty. please get this deal done as soon as possible. >> reporter: but spending any time on capitol hill it's easy to see a deal forthcoming isn't coming soon. >> there's been little progress with the republicans which is a disappointment to me. >> their hard left doesn't want to change anything ever. they think any dollar spent or any commitment made by the federal government on any program at any time ought to be there in perpetuity. >> we are not going to accept an unfair deal that will hurt middle class today and protect the wealthiest americans. >> reporter: the president and congressional leaders have no talks scheduled for this week. now the president's meeting today with leaders from goldman sachs and comcast and yahoo! among others on friday he's hitting the
. it's christmas. #sarcastic." after the holidays president obama will have hiring to do. the usual second term cabinet shuffle will begin. perhaps the most prominent departure will be secretary of state hillary clinton. chief washington correspondent james rosen tonight on the clinton record. >> when barack obama this month became the first sitting american president to fitzburma, the repressive south asian nation that enacted democratic refo freed the most famous dissident it marked unambiguous foreign policy triumph for mr. obama and his secretary of state. the most well traveled in modern times. >> i could not be more grateful, not only for your service, hillary, but also for the powerful message that you send. >> but the obama administration no less than its preds so sors has been thoroughly vexed by the middle east, with the syrian regime quashing a two-year uprising that killed more than 30,000 people. where iran despite tough sanctions on the energy sector marches toward a nuclear weapons capability. and where the arab-israeli conflict festers, despite lofty talk from washin
are going public. president obama will go outside washington as well as republican leaders to press their case to the american people what they want in the stocks. but here's the baltimore sun this morning with the headline -- yesterday recovered to the speech that he gave. he says to put everything on the table. that's what the number two democrat said yesterday. if your interested in watching the whole thing, go to our video library. and the new york times reporting this this morning -- so that is the latest republican who has talked about breaking the grover norquist pledge on taxes. also, this morning, ceo's meeting with president obama yesterday, business leaders meeting with republicans as well. toth sides gathering ceo's talk about what they would like to see in the fiscal cliff tops. and in the washington post editorial -- also, "usa today" says -- you can look it up on president obama's budget page 465 that it's added to the deficit, they say, and it needs to be part of the deficit. the opposing view of durban says social security is not in a crisis. back to our question fo
. with little progress being made in washington president obama is hitting the road. at paine has the story. >> the mood was optimistic earlier this month when president obama met with congressional leaders to work out an agreement to avoid this cliff. now the president is taking his case mr. obama met with small-business owners tuesday. today he hosted an event with middle-class americans and sits down with some of the nation's top ceos. friday he travels to a manufacturing plant in pennsylvania senate minority leader mitch mcconnell question the president. >> president saddam the law makers and working out with the agreement is back on the cam best-president obama >> the president got input outside the beltway. he wants to continue the conversation when business leaders, small business leaders, civic leaders, and labor leaders because everyone has a stake in this. >> lawmakers have just over a month to reach an agreement to keep the country from going over the so-called fiscal cliff. the president wants to raise taxes on the wealthiest 2 percent of americans and leave current tax rates fo
for the president of the united states. at the white house today, senior obama administration officials met with liberal leaders and union officials. "the washington post" reports that one told him after the meeting, quote, would the white house go off the cliff if it's between that and compromising their core principles? i was left with the impression that they would. illinois democratic senator dick durbin spoke today at the liberal center for american progress where he said this about the possibility of going off the cliff which fears of this show know is is really more of a curb than a cliff. >> some have called let's go over the cliff and watch what happens. we know if we're not careful, it will in fact stop economic growth and hurt everyone through every income category, particularly those most vulnerable. >> what he did not say is he must not go off the cliff. because the cliff is president obama's and the congressional democrats leverage over republicans. if we do go off the cliff or the curb on january 1st, a republican nightmare will occur. all income tax rates will go up and defe
is over but president barack obama is campaigning again. as allison burns reports from the washington d.c. newsroom, allison burns has more on avoiding the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: he will sit down at the white house with some who backed mitt romney and also will be trying to sell his plan to avoid the so called fiscal cliff about spending cuts that kick in at the end of next month. it was another down day on wall street as investors grow increasingly worried about whether they can avoid financial disaster. they are deadlocked over raising taxes on well, the they are americans. -- wealthier americans. sea think he should stop campaigning. >>> they are working out an agreement and he is back on the campaign trail, presumably with the same old talking points we are quite familiar with. >> reporter: but they say the white house is fully engaged while taking his case to the public. >> now that the election is over, we should stop talking to them about these vital issues i think is bad advice. >> reporter: how the president is taking his message to social media i will have that during my n
doing kind of the exact same thing "the washington post" reporting in a sign that obama strategy poses a threat, house republicans announced their own pr effort tuesday. leadership aides say republican members of congress will visit small businesses nationwide in coming weeks to assert that obama's position would threaten job creation. the rnc has its own twitter hash tag which is stop the tax hikes. sas sasha, you wrote about campaign infrastructure and how sophisticated obama's machine was. this is certainly more -- more of a rudimentary version of that but it seems like the campaign is adapting both sort of rhetorically and anecdotally campaign tactics but also practically they're still keeping folks on the payroll. i think they hired just 100 folks from the campaign to come back and try to gin up enthusiasm for the president's policies or position out in actual america. >> yeah. a president trying to get local news coverage by traveling out of washington isn't terribly novel as a tactic. i think the big challenge or there's a special opportunity for obama is to mobilize a sort of g
to washington. and now today to them it seems so close they can taste it. because although john kerry is still a senator from massachusetts, after his very high-profile role in the obama campaign and speaking gig at the democratic national convention, after that john kerry's name was put forward as one possibility, a leading possibility to succeed hillary clinton as secretary of state. that, of course, would result in him leaving his senate seat after all, which would mean there would be a temporary ae re placement appointed and then there would have to be another special election to fill the rest of his term where scott brown would be the republican nominee again. which would be the best chance of putting a republican in the senate any time soon. which is why republicans got so excited when john kerry's name was floated. his name was floated along with one other name for that job. republican senators were very, very quick to point out that they really prefer john kerry to be the nominee for secretary of state. a ringing endorsement for john kerry from republicans in washington. because if joh
obama won reelection. the president knows i'm the most reasonable and responsible guy in washington. you know in some ways john boehner has proven to be reasonable over the years. in june 2002 during george w. bush's first term in office, congressional republicans were faced with the issue of raising the nation's debt ceiling. that's the limit for how much the country can borrow to pay for things. no politician ever likes to raise the debt ceiling. nobody likes to think the country has to borrow money, but we do. so in june of 2002 when that vote came up, he voted yes. let's raise the debt ceiling. it's the responsible thing to do. november 2004, john boehner voted to do it again under president bush to raise the debt ceiling. april 2005 at the start of bush's second term, john boehner votes in favor of raising the debt ceiling. so matter how opposed you might be to borrowing money, however, distasteful it is to you, everybody realizes as long as we are borrowing money, not raising the debt ceiling would be a very irresponsible thing to do. it would be a disaster for the country. everybo
that these guys have in washington. some have been part of obama's inner circle. jeffrey has sat on the head of the jobs council. the ceo of boeing is the chairman of the export council. so they do have a lot of influence. they contribute a lot to political campaigns and they have lobbyists crawling all over washington to speak for them. >> eliot: bill, you've seen it. why do they hold such sway? the scoundrels of the economic cataclysm. why do they still walk back in there and people lay down the red carpet? >> eliot it's money. it is not that much either. if you look at the top -- eight of the top ten supporters of obama in 2008 were wall street firms, this time around, eight of the top ten biggest supporters for romney were wall street firms. it is not that much money. it is like a million and a half bucks coming out of goldman sachs. number one biggest supporter for romney. they can get a lot of influence. this isn't new. this has been going on for 100 years. sidney weinberg was going back and forth betw
with a very fun week off. i spent it like i always do. i track down the turkey president obama pardoned and i brought him to justice! (laughter) just because-- (cheers and applause) i brought him to justice. because his powerful friends in washington pardoned him doesn't mean he won't be held accountable for those crimes, turkey! here we are back at the office. all feeling pretty relacked. you know, nothing is really more relaxing than eating a long and drawn out meal with your extended family. (laughter) people you spend all year avoiding, now they're in your house hovering in the kitchen opening drawers. (laughter) >> pitching you ideas. (laughter) for your show. jonathan, i was at the bakery, and the man in front of me said who's next? and i said take a number, you'll find out, that's wha what-- you should use that in one of your skits. (laughter) it's like seinfeld-- (laughter) so it's a little stressful. i like black friday. a lot of people don't like black friday, the day after thanks giving. i don't like it for the shopping. i like to do it because it is a great opportunity to take out
narcotrÁfico en la regiÓn, lori con el detalle desde washington. > >>>. >periodista: hasta ahora solo habÍan hablado por telÉfono. >>> pero hoy el presidente barack obama y el futuro presidente mexicano se vieron cara a cara. >>> barack obama eligiÓ la agenda de reformas de peÑa nieto y valorÓ a este hombre, porque consigue hacer lo que se propone, y dijo que espera que la relaciÓn bilateral vaya mÁs allÁ de los asuntos del segundo. >>> somos sociocomerciales comercial una relaciÓn energÉtica muy importante para ambos, estÁ la conexiÓn cultural entre paÍses. >>> y peÑa nieto dice que es hora de ampliar la cagaed no se lÍmite a la seguridad y narcotrÁfico. >>> considero conveniente hacer un replanteamiento a nuestra mayor integraciÓn para lograr de norteamÉrica una regiÓn mÁs competitivo y con capacidad de generar mayor nÚmero de empleos. >>> durante el encuentro que tuvo lugar en la oficina Óvalo el tema de inmigraciÓn no pudo faltar. >>> en este caso fue barack obama quiÉn lo mencionÓ primero diciendo que le habÍa dicho el deseo de la reforma migratoria. >>> que pas
this, the austerity crisis, better known as the fiscal cliff facing washington and the country. this hour president obama will speak live at the white house flanked by middle-class families whose household budgets depend on congress reaching a deal by january 1st. his latest effort to use his bully pulpit. nearby on capitol hill, both parties are meeting behind closed doors at this very minute. each side hashing out where they are willing to compromise and where they are drawing the line in the sand. >>> the other big story we're watching for you, a second round of sitdowns for united nations ambassador susan rice, who's in an all-out campaign of her own to face her critics. after three republicans issued blistering comments yesterday, this morning rice is meeting with republican senator susan collins of maine and in an hour is expected to meet with senator bob corker of tennessee. rice's harshest krit eks are still vowing to block her potential nomination as next secretary of state. >> i think everybody gets to, one, be nominated, and, two, go through the hearings and the deba
trees. and meteorologist christina loren will have a complete weather update for you. >>> in washington, d.c., the president meeting with corporate executives today discuss that fiscal cliff. scott mcgrew got on the silicon valley's name. >> president obama has met with many ceos, and while lots of ceos have experience and wisdom to lend him, got to see this in a bit of a political light as well. melissa meyer, for instance, is brilliant but probably knows very little about public policy. she's an engineer, so the president getting advice, but drumming up support among the powerful for his version of what we should do about the cliff. myers spoke in a fortune magazine clip last night. her secret, she says, is prioritizing, she referred to green bay packers vince lombardi's three priorities, god, family and the packers. >> for me, it's god, family and yahoo! in that order. >> why the packers comparison? meyer drew up in wasaw, wisconsin. >>> we go back to the summit on highway 17 and check in with bob redell with the wind conditions there. bob, luke soaked? >> reporter: yeah, it's slight
president obama should be spending less time politicking out in the public and more time working behind closed doors in washington to try to hammer out a deal. >> rather than sitting down with lawmakers of both parties and working out an agreement, he's back on the campaign trail presumably with the same old talking points that we're quite familiar with. look, we already know the president's a very good campaigner. we congratulate him on his reelection. what we don't know is whether he has the leadership qualities necessary to lead his party to a bipartisan agreement. >> and at least one top republican is now pushing members of his party to can you tell a deal with the president right now. tom cole of oklahoma urged fellow members to accept a plan tell a deal with the president right now. tom cole of oklahoma urged fellow members to accept a plan for taxes. senate democrats are optimistic that more members of the republican party will be willing to step away from their pledge with grover nornorquist. >> republicans are deciding they no longer want to be married to this pledge. republica
reportedly held a private meeting with senior obama administration white house officials. according to the "washington post" the groups were told not to worry about any entitlement reforms or big budget cuts. the so-called safety net programs according to them are not going to be touched and the progressive groups walked away feeling very happy. the report say the white house feels it does not need to compromise, period and is willing to let the big tax hike happen on everybody. the big tax hike is what everybody will face not just the rich or the middle class. they think they'll be in a better position to negotiate with the g.o.p. after that happens. chris stirewalt joins me, host of power play on >> i was a little frightened, i thought something i, really bad was happening instead of the standard badness. megyn: that is terrifying. [laughter] back down to business, the progressive groups, the union groups meet with white house officials and are very happy, which, you know, strikes fear down the spines of republicans out there i suppose. but can it really be that presi
of those next on "the five." ♪ ♪ >>> i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today is a new develop in the president obama's evident to get off the fiscal cliff. tonight on "special report," the president may be trying to divide budget negotiations in two pieces, insisting on tax increases for high earners this year with a promise to cut spending next year. some critics call it wimpy from popaye strategy, gladly paying you tuesday for a hamburger today. house speaker john boehner insists the republicans are willing to work with the mt. offering the tax revenues if significant spending cuts are part of the deal. is social security on table? should it be? we hear from the experts tonight. -up ambassador -- u.n. ambassador susan rice met on a charm offensive to explain comments after the libya terror attack, where she blamed the non-existent demonstration sparked by anti-islam video. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my kriegs with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> brian: i'm going with eric to pick my own music. [ laughter ] power b
that and get his take on the fiscal cliff and the drama playing out in washington and the markets. he has some very interesting opinions. back in a moment. >>> over president obama's first term, the federal debt to gdp ratio increased over 19%. it is projected to increase over 20% by the end of his second term. er -- you can stay in and share something... or you can get out there and actually share something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection. can i still ship a gift in time for christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. >>> welcome back to "power lunch." i'm kayla tausche with a "market flash." we saw the market turn into the green following the president's remarks. that's been really good for the consumer staples sector which is to the up side by .75%. we have stocks like costco, safeway, walmart. those key retailers in the consumer sector all rushing to the up side. >> kayla, thank you. >>> nassim taleb
and president obama and the list goes on. >> there are some many facets to what we're seeing on wall street from washington to headlines. let's hit the headlines, the retailers that are doing quite well here. when we talk about j.c. penney and the strategy, lately it has been doing well and today it is doing very well and one of the reasons is they're trying to get to be it up and get shopper is there a whole new way. what about juice bars? coffee shops? that is what the c penney is thinking about doing on the trend to add these for the holiday season. it looks like urban outfitters and the gap may step in and do the same thing. incorporating food and snacks getting shoppers and for expensive items. we know the other i upscale department stores have done this, you would know about a beautiful restaurant, bloomingdale's, another restaurant upstairs, this is a trend we are seeing, get some caffeine, shop some more. >> the magnolia banana pudding, that is my favorite. we are alwaysseating here in the newsroom because magnolia is a block away. >> in the final minutes of trading, we are reaching the
's lead, the winning argument. president obama won the election. he won the debate on fairness and he's winning this fight in washington and now even some republicans admit it. in the election, 65 million americans voted for fairness. they stood with the president who says everyone should pay their fair share, that there's just something fundamentally wrong with the millionaire paying less in tacks than his or her secretary. president obama drove that point home again today demanding that the rich pay more so the burden doesn't fall on the middle class. >> our first job is to make sure that taxes on middle class families don't go up and since we all theoretically agree on that, we should get that done. i know some of this might sound familiar to you because we talked about this a lot during the campaign. this shouldn't be a surprise to anybody. this was a major debate in the presidential can campaign and congressional campaigns all across the country. >> that's what this election was all about, americans were with him on election day. and they are still with him now. a newark ton post
wanted to point that at 11:30 eastern we have an address by president obama to the nation. he's beating business leaders this afternoon. john harwood is in washington ahead of all of those meetings and that address. do we think he'll take a new initiative here, john? >> reporter: i don't think so. i would expect him to keep trying to put the pressure on congress mostly republicans to some degree democrats because he's getting some resistance among democrats to cuts in entitlement programs but really what you have is a full-court press by executives today. a series of executives going first to capitol hill and later to the white house. lloyd blankfein is probably the best known of those executives. he's been arguing for a solution to this problem. what we have going on is a three-way conversation. one is from politicians to the public. the president's public address and his trip on friday. you have politicians like these executives today asking for air cover. they are trying to have interest groups protect politicians and embolden them to take difficult steps on taxes and on spending and
that matter most in washington. last week, how the obama campaign won and today we will talk about very important issue for conservatives and republicans, the path forward for them and their party. we appreciate bank of america's partnership including at both of the conventions. and we are going to bring you into the conversation. you got cards. we would love to take your questions and also be getting questions as they call it on "morning joe"," the twitter machine. we would love to bring out grover norquist, president of americans for tax reform. good morning, grover. [applause] >> you don't have your bag. he is attached to his bag. >> they told me it was too streamlined up here for the bag. >> thank you very much for coming out. can republicans raise taxes and not break your pledge? >> difficult. >> it's not know? >> close to no. look, here's the challenge we have. the republican party has built the brand that the party won't raise your taxes. the pledge has made that easier to do because the pledge doesn't change over time. it doesn't change across state lines. in the past, it was di
that is unacceptable. >> it is unacceptable. bill: this is the editorial from the "washington post" now okay. at some point president obama has to prepare the american people and his own supporters, most of all, for the hard decisions required to put the country on a sound financial footing. only one person is in a position to make it happen. i'll give you the last word. when will it happen? >> the yes is there's going to be a review, and it has been going on since the healthcare act of what hedda car medicare does and what it does not do. that does not mean have you to reduce the benefits of those who paid into the program. that we have to make clear before we even discuss medicare. it should not be in this deal. give the middle class the tax cuts, continue the tax cuts, which are 98% of the american people, this party, the republican party is not going to hold this hostage and america hostage any longer. we have to make that clear, bill. when you're talking about medicare you're talking about healthcare costs, there is a difference. bill: these are enormous issues and there are 33 days on the calen
the latest from washington. >> reporter: u.n. ambassador susan rice faces more tough diplomacy on capitol hill. rice is the leading candidate for secretary of state in president obama's second term. but prominent gop lawmakers are trying to stop her from getting the post. saying she misled the public about the attack on the consulate in libya. in meetings yesterday, rice tried to smooth things over. it didn't work. >> the concerns i have are greater today than they were before. and we're not even close to getting the basic answers. >> we are significantly troubled by many of the answers. >> reporter: five days after the attack and a round of tv interviews, rice placed blame on an anti-muslim video. >> it seems to have been hijacked, let us say, by individual clusters of extremists. >> reporter: but the administration later said the attack was the work of terrorists. behind closed doors, rice told lawmakers the information she received came directly from the cia. the white house is standing by rice, insisting there's no unanswered questions about her television appearances. >> the focus on
the report from washington, d.c.. >> hillary clinton is secretary of state. but the political posturing and mud slinging has started. high on president obama's list to take over as the nation's top diplomat, susan rice. >> she has been under fire from some senate republican who's say she misled the american people about the attack that killed four americans including u.s. ambassador to libya. several have vowed to block her nomination to the state department. five days after the attacks, rice placed blame on an antimuslim video. it seems to have been hijacked with a say but some individual clusters of extremists. >> but the administration said it knew it with was a terrorist attack. the talking points rice was given for interviews were wrong. >> focus is misplaced. >> today rice went to capitol hill in a charm offensive meeting with republican senators. and it doesn't sound like a successful visit. >> we're significantly troubled by many answers that(=c we got. >> this month, the president laumpbled a fierce defense of rice. >> when they go after the un ambassador73[e they think she'n
story on the front page of "the washington post" today, right here on the top right-hand side, obama launches p.r. effort on cliff the fiscal cliff, of course. putting pressure on congress, president will talk to small business owners. so here's what's going on. right. with this fiscal cliff looming the president has laid out -- very, very clear what he's talking about, what he wants to see. it is a $4 billion package of cuts to the deficit a combination of spending cuts and new revenue and about $2 trillion of that coming from getting rid of the bush tax cuts. at the same time while getting rid of the tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of americans letting the tax cuts for 98% of americans continue because the middle class do need the help and the wealthiest people do not. so to get there of course, and by the way let's back up, right. the president put forth his plan on november 6th and mitt romney put forth his plan and the american people said no, we don't like that romney way of going which is to continue t
, of americans, whereas when they asked if obama is doing enough to cooperate with the gop, 45% yes, 49% no. clearly the republicans are being predominantly blamed for the breakdown in bipartisanship in washington. the fiscal cliff is a classic opportunity, many would argue, to show the americans you've listened, you've changed, you're ready to do deals that are to the benefit of the american national interest. >> well, i mean, piers, look, the president's the leader of this country and he's got to lead and he's got to take control, and he's got to show the american people that he can put people together and a team together, meaning republicans and democrats, and come up with solutions but so far, piers, we don't even know what the president's plans are. he's done a good job of apparently making americans feel that that's the case, but what he hasn't done a good job is really leading with evidence and with substance on the table as far as what he would do. here's the problem, piers. if we really want to have an honest discussion about where we're at in this country and this fiscal problem f
. in washington there's still time for posturing and positions. no direct talks are scheduled or contemplated between president obama and tough congressional republicans. instead there will be white house meetings and appeals on twitter to preserve middle income tax cuts, worth on average about $2,000. that white house hash tag is my2k if you're interested. they say it will keep the recovery going. on his part president obama travels to a tinker toy factory outside of philadelphia on friday. to link tax cuts to consumer spending. tinker toys. hmm. some americans might see that as more than a white house backdrop. one other quick note, tom cole, a leading republican in the house in oklahoma told politico yesterday that the republicans should give in to the white house demands and quickly pass those middle class tax cuts. but house republican leadership sources tell me that cole was speaking only for himself, completely freelancing, but he is speaking for more republicans in the house, this could be a breakthrough. guys? >> with us is democratic senator amy klobuchar. great to see you. >> great
. thanks for being with me. live from new york, the news is popping in washington though today. right now, the white house announcing president obama will host mitt romney for lunch tomorrow. so the president breaking bread tomorrow with his vanquished opponent. we also have this. the president meeting, right now, with his cabinet, perhaps the final cabinet meeting for several administration stalwarts. among them, secretary of state hillary clinton, and treasury secretary tim geithner. hold the phone, though, because we he potential movement in the talks to avert the troublesome tax increase set to take effect january 1st. a top house republican is apparently, today, breaking ranks. essentially siding with the white house here, saying, protect the middle class from higher taxes come january 1st. but not the wealthy. not that top 2%. go ahead, raise them, he says. here he is, congressman tom cole after a meeting with house republicans. >> in my view, we all agree that we're not going to raise taxes on people that make less than $250,000. we should just take them out of this discussion righ
of people across this country who have a real stake in the outcome of what happens in washington. >> you tried to tap into that. when you were at the white house, you trade to tap into this core group of people that is different, the obama coalition, it is sort of i think we're going to look back on it and say this isn't a democratic party coalition, it's an obama coalition. it was a reagan coalition that he could mobilize. you seem to struggle to do it on policy. why was that? >> let's look at who that coalition is. it's latinos all across the country. it's young people. it's which will. it's african-american, it's middle class families. take a look at what the president wants to get done the next fourees, keep tax rates low, immigration reform, make progress on clean energy and these are things that coalition cares about. so i think that you'll see a much more mobilized group of people across this country. look at what we were able to do over the last year, a year ago, in renewing the payroll tax cut. we took that case to the american people. do you want to play politics. >> everyone i
developments of the day: president obama said he believes a framework for a debt-cutting deal can be reached in the coming weeks, possibly before christmas. stocks rebounded on the hopeful talk in washington. the dow industrials gained more than 100 points. and the top appellate courts in egypt went on strike against president muhammad morsi's move to assume near-absolute power. morsi planned to address the egyptian people tomorrow. >> warner: online, we continue our series on social entrepreneurs with a profile of a woman who's breaking taboos. hari sreenivasan has more. >> sreenivasan: harvard business school graduate elizabeth scharpf launched sustainable health enterprises. it helps women in low-income countries to jump start businesses to manufacture and distribute affordable feminine hygiene products. find her story on our social entrepreneurs page. plus, on making sense, paul solman breaks down the pros and cons of investing in i-bonds versus 403(b) retirement savings plans. all that and more is on our web site margaret? >> warner: and that's the "newshour" for tonig
which republicans have been using, we all know, to block anything they don't like under president obama. and if the dems get their way, republicans may be forced to stand up and actually talk for hours on end just like jimmy stewart did wonderfully in "mr. smith goes to washington." i love that movie. that's ahead. this is "hardball," the place for politics. when you take a closer look... the best schools in the world... see they all have something very interesting in common. they have teachers... ...with a deeper knowledge of their subjects. as a result, their students achieve at a higher level. let's develop more stars in education. let's invest in our teachers... they can inspire our students. let's solve this. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. [ "the odd couple" theme playing ] humans. even when we cross our "t"s and dot our "i"s, we still run into problems -- mainly other h
't like under president obama. and if the dems get their way, republicans may be forced to stand up and actually talk for hours on end just like jimmy stewart did wonderfully in "mr. smith goes to washington." i love that movie. that's ahead. this is "hardball," the place for politics. ♪ >> i'm not late! and i'm going to stay right here and fight until this is done. even if this room gets filled with lies like these and the tailors and all their armies come marching into this place. somebody will listen to me. >> wow. welcome back to "hardball." now, that is what a filibuster looks like, a real one. jimmy stewart collapsing at the end of a 23-hour filibuster, one-man filibuster in "mr. smith goes to washington." now filibusters are the nonevents that gum up legislation and have almost paralyzed the united states senate. the talking filibuster like you saw in that famous jimmy stewart scene may be making a comeback. no more just hiding and having dual tracks but forcing the filibuster to go out there and filibust. democrats are pushing for the change. republicans led by, you won't
that washington and headquarters under estimated the threat to our people in africa. so these are issues that i believe deserve further investigation and remain troubling to me. >> at this point in time if president obama were to nominate susan rice to be the next secretary state could you support that nomination? >> i would need to have additional information before i could support her nomination. she's not been posted yet. our homeland security committee investigation is ongoing. there are many different players in this and there's much yet to be learned. so i think it would be premature for me to reach that judgment now. >> your chairman came out, joe lieberman, and said obviously he won't get a vote because he is retiring. he asked the same questions, presumably got the same answers, and said he thinks she is -- >> we i didn't sit in on his briefing so i don't know that the exchanges were the same. >> would you go as far as some of your colleagues and place a hold on her nomination? [ question inaudible ] >> i think john kerry would be an excellent appointment and would be easily confirmed
-elect if he was being welcome to washington today by house minority leaders and nancy pelosi. and read a year rose was talking about job creation strengthening borders and fighting organized crime. he met with president obama. he will take office next month. >> stormy weather making its way to the bay area. this is actually a live picture from our camera up and it is so dark because of all the clouds. or clouds or whatever you want to call it. nonetheless storms are coming our way. what is ahead for us? >> storms, plural. lots of brains and store for us for the rest of the week. we have been seeing some cloud cover streaming over had pretty much all day long. as we look off shore a couple of systems that impact the bay area. one to the north is not as strong and you can see up here. the tail end of it extends down. it is not as strong as this one. it will collide with the others and reinforce it and give it all little bit of a boost as it moves into the bay area. the 5:00 hour tomorrow morning not much going on but then the very heavy rain races into the area by six. you'll sit in the north b
without any spending concessio concessions, president obama to meet with business leaders on the fiscal cliff after speaking just last hour. we'll ask lou dobbs that he thinks ceos will help to make deals happen. >> now washington is looking at the one sacred mortgage deduction, maybe get rid of it to help heal the budget crisis. >> charlie gasparino on the future of the firm. time for stocks as we do every 15 minutes, before the new york stock exchange, nicole petallides on the floor. a deal is possible by christmas. >> hoping to get some positive comments from john boehner. he is optimistic. a nice little boost. from negative to positive to the session highs, no 50 points away from dow 13,000 once again. the dow once again up 73 points. you have a lot of winners. the banking index is still under some pressure, but retailers are really stealing the show. many are doing well for a variety of reasons. take a look at costco. the money they're paying out to shareholders ahead of the fiscal cliff wall to get the dividend ahead of the higher tax rate, so costco joins many come over 100 compa
obama's meeting with high-profile chief executive officers to talk about the country's fiscal issues. john harwood in washington with more. and john, certainly seems like the pressure is rising to maybe reach some sort of a deal. my question, the ceos headed there today, are they firmly in the president's camp on this? or trying to push both sides to reach some agreement? >> i think they're trying to push both sides and, you know, business executives are generally speaking in the camp of wanting a solution, but as with any constituent, it comes down to what the details of the agreement are as to whether they want a tax increase, if it affects somebody else's tax loophole as opposed to their own. and that's the balancing act that politicians have. what we have going on here, becky, is a three-way conversation. politicians talking to the public, part of these events are for the american people to see that these leaders are working on this. the president's hitting the road to pennsylvania later in the week, republicans are doing events with small business people, as well. you have a con
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